Welcome to Our small kennel Post

We breed 1 or 2 litter every year.

There’s five beautiful pembroke from Bunny and Annette’s Basil. We will update their photos later when they grow up.

We have 1 litter 2 puppy Augest 28th.

Mum: Blue girl from our kennel;   Dad: Scrumpy from AFONWEN kennel

Blue Boy– Booked by Rebecca Jamieson           Kennel Prefix : KALORA

Hope you can have a great show result later.

(Photo on week 6)


Black Girl— We will keep at moment to see her quality for later breeding and show purpose.

(Photo on week 6)

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Before buying a puppy, you need to contact local authority to comfirm the identity of Registered breeder. There are Scammers all the time.