We have a litter of Pembroke on 26/03

Mated with Annette’s stud dog Basil on 23rd January, Bunny finally deliver 5 healthy puppy on 26th March. Thanks Annette and Bunny.

Basil’s information: https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/profile.asp?dog=115805.  

There was 7 puppies in her belly as shown in X-ray before delivery, and we wanna bunny a natural delivery. After water broken for 3 hours on Saturday night, we have to go after hour then. After a Xray again, Vet said the first pup got stuck on the Pelvis, and probabely will die. Vet suggest a injection to boost deliver, but I says just have Csection directly. After few hours, there’re 6 puppy survived, and 1 tricolor passed away. We have them home. 

But One puppy keep bleeding on butt, and couldn’t survive the first 24 hours. We are really sad and depressed about that. Annette and I went back to afterhour VET for the bleeding puppy, and they have no idea what cause that. Only thing we know is, be ready that she may not survive. She died at the 24hour and bury her under a tree at yard. May you have a happy life at Heaven.

The first week is also hard, because of Bunny’s milk fever. (MIlk fever is not a fever but is a disease due to lack of calcium, and could cause death of animal.) She is not diagnosed but nearly reach the minimum level of ionised calcium. She have syptom of high temperature, trembling, not active, etc. More worse, she don’t eat for anything actively and diarhha for 6 days since delivery due to bacteria infection.

 Luckily she is better now, with medication. She has some appetite back, and we force her to finish dog food by making it as smoothie and put to her throat. We also hand feed puppy most of time. And her calcium level is getting better after 2 days.


I would thanks a lot for Annette and Carol coming over couple of times helping me and daisy out. Annette provide us a lot of handy stuff such as liquid calcium, supplyment, nice and firm blanket, and also show us how to hand feed. Without them, we could lose more puppy or even Bunny.

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