aviod bad dog food and here’s my recommendation

  • Dog food, normally we say dog biscuit, is just compressed biscuit for human. You need also having them additional milk, chicken leg or heat, bones, salmons etc in their diet for their health. Those additional things can be very cheap. Don’t buy dog sossage from supermarket, which comes with loose poop.

Salmon meat is available at tassal salmon shop at Salamanca, which is only 3 buck 5kg, which you can feed for more than 1 week. Raw chicken leg (don’t let the dog have cooked chicken or bones), the raw chicken heart is also cheap and good for them. Latters-free milk is also cheap.

  • Don’t buy a cheap dog biscuit, such as “supercoat”, “Leaps&bound”. There’s a reason they are cheap. such as less meat, more flour, which makes your dog fat. Dog needs protein from meat. Good brands are also cheap. 100 buck per 20kg bag can allow you to feed your dog around 2months.

We tell the good of the dog biscuit from dog’s poop, good dog biscuit will bring black, hard poop. Bad biscuit comes with loose and yellow poop. Also, every dog reacts differently to the biscuit ingredient, even the top brand. I have tried “advanced dog food”, which comes with loose poop. And personally, I recommend “Blackhawk”, which is cheap, 20kg bag allows me to feed the dog for more than 2 months. I have read the ingredient of other top food such as “Royal canine”, And I don’t like the ingredient with “maize”. Maize as flour added to dog food can be dangerous.

  • Don’t let your dog have treat as a food, because they has too much additive. If you read their ingredient, you will find out. Treats are just treat.

Lamp bone, Pork bones are cheap, and you can buy them from a meat shop, 2- 3buck for a really big bag. Only have a rubber toy for chewing if you are sure they won’t get chock by the toy.

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