how we start breeding Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi

Looking for a bitch is so hard, let alone one on Main registration.

In February 2021, I had the idea “why always stuck on Pembroke, there’s also another corgi, Cardigan”. Lucky, there’s advertising on dogsonline. And Corrine chandler from Brisbane says can offer me a cardigan on the main with the price of 7000. The puppy will be delivered Soon and rehomed in April. I’m so excited, it feels like a birthday gift. I quickly paid the deposit and asked for photos of the puppy, but Corrine didn’t give me any, lol. No worry, there’s no scammer at dogzonline. And I just patiently wait.

In April 2021 near Easter, Sharon (yummy’s breeder) phoned me “hi harry, I think I found a Pembroke for you, a puppy born in January in Perth WA. and same grandfather with yummy. A show judge from Brisbane had seen the puppy says the bitch is good.” So I had the contact of breeder Maya who asked 8000buck and had some photos and videos of the puppy. I didn’t want the girl in the first place because she is not good looking (Forehead is too long). The next day I had a second thought. If not this bitch, the next Pembroke bitch might be another year. Also, show judge says the bitch is good, how bad she would be. I said yes, and we made the transaction the next day, and the Pembroke bitch took the flight from Perth to Tasmania the next day, Easter day, so we call her, Bunny. Yummy is so happy to have a new buddy home.

The Cardigan bitch was said on the flight of Easter as well, but Corrine miss the flight, which makes the cardigan bitch came home the next day. That’s the time I knew how she looks, and Corrine said nothing but “love her please.” She was so cute, like a princess. She is on a blue merle coat, so we decided to call her “Blue”.

Everyone starts from somewhere. And now I have 3 welsh corgis: 2ysl Pembroke boy Yummy, 3month Pembroke girl Bunny, 2month Cardigan girl BLue. When they are older, I need to remove to remote farm place, because city council asks no more than 2 dogs (older than 6months) at high-density residential area.

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