how we started to show dogs

Blue’s breeder, Corrine, asked me to show the dog when she was offering the dog, said this is the only way we better the breed and be responsible for dog quality. This was the first time, I think about the show. I know more when I took the kennel prefix open exam. But I didn’t go to the show until July 2021.

In June 2021, I entered my first show for Yummy and Blue (bunny’s paper was not released, so I didn’t enter her). I knew nothing about the show but just watched some videos on Youtube. But I do know, I need a show lead. The show competition is soon, and no luck from Petbarn, I asked show manager staff that where I can get show lead. What the staff did is asked Tasmania show group at facebook that who can lend a hand to a new dog show starter. This is when I first met Carol ann Matthews(Cardigan breeder), Lisa Mcginn(Tasmania welsh corgi club manager), Denise Finlay(Bearded Collie breeder).

I would say, without their help, I would never back to show ring. The working dog show 2021 hold at 24th July Saturday, and we met a day before so they can give me a tutorial about how everything goes. It was Friday afternoon, I began to learn how to show dogs. Denise even draw me a map and wrote down the list of things that needed. I had the feeling of “one for all, all for one.” lol.

Of course, we won nothing at the show ring. But a good start. I got to know heaps of show words, tips and equipment and knew some show breeders, like Annette Anagnostis and Joan Watson(who bred Welsh Corgi Pembroke for over 40 years).

This is where I get to know how breeder should be like, and how cardigan and Pembroke champion should be like. And I have a long way to go.

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