where and when everything started

We have our first welsh corgi Pembroke, yummy, in May 2019. I had him on lucky as it’s too hard to get a corgi in Australia, and I had him from a scammer.

Daisy and I came to settle in Tasmania in March 2018, and since we rented a nice place in Bellerive in November 2018, we decided to have a dog, and I had been looking from all sources of websites.

Corgi was expensive, many around 5000-6000 for pet price. One day around May 2019 I found an advertisement on Gumtree from a girl named Jess, says Corgi is available in Tasmania without any image, labelled 3000 bucks, and I said “I want the dog”. We agreed to meet at a hospital for a health check and transaction the next day. But she didn’t turn up and said “u gave me the wrong address and I headed to Devenport”, and then asked me for 200 buck petrol. I then knew she is scammer and refused. She said “no I’m not a scammer”, and sent me a photo of the dog in her car. We finally met at the hospital the next day and I had Yummy then.

I didn’t know she is a scammer until she offered me prestige paper one day later. She asked for money, and I didn’t think I should. So I talked about this with Tasdog. The Tasdog then asked microchip number of yummy and found the breeder is “Sharon Goodwin”, and I also got Sharon’s contact. After a talk with Sharon, we find out there’s a scammer in the middle of us.

Here’s how things happened. Jess got the dog from breeder Sharon at Devonport but didn’t pay the money, and then wanna sell the dog. I had the dog then, jess had money. But Sharon finally got money with the help of the police. And I believe Jess scammed heaps of people’s transport petrol fee.

What a story. I finally had the prestige paper and started the idea of being a breeder as we so love Yummy. And he is now spoiled, and nasty, lol.

This is how Yummy looks like when he is just a Baby Puppy.

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